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Commentary on the Media

By Remy Benoit

   What is the role of the media in wartime?

   What are the responsibilities of the media?

   As has been said, 'war is not a video game.'

   It is brutal and messy and very harsh.

   Death is an integral part of it.

   Troops being taken as Prisoners of War are an integral part of it.

   How much of its truth should be shown?

   Why should viewers be offended by the real face of war?

   Does honest reporting not show the real face of war?

   How much should the children see?

   How do we show consideration for the family members of those who fall or are taken prisoner?

   Just how much reporting should be given to troop movements? When does that become dangerous to the troops?
    From the Washington Post:Great Expectations By Howard Kurtz Washington Post Staff Writer>

    Too Painful to Publish? Media Grapple With Showing POW Pictures>

From Fox News:Explaining War to Kids by By Liza Porteus.
 Laying Down the White Woman's Burden'. 

From Orlando Sentinel: Alienation of war hits home by Kathleen Parker.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer: Posted on Wed, Mar. 26, 2003 Jonathan Storm Glued to the tube: Six hours with CNN and the war By Jonathan Storm Inquirer Columnist.






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