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Transition of WelcomeHomeSoldier

By Remy Benoit

One of the primary foundations of democracy is an active citizenry engaged in "preserving, protecting and defending" their country and Constitution. For democracy to thrive, the work of governance cannot be left solely to elected representatives, corporations, and the country's military.

As a nation, we have a wealth of education, experience, opinions, and ideas to share.

Therefore, WelcomeHomeSoldier is opening up to you even more. Now, instead of communicating with me through feedback, you may post your comments, input, and suggestions directly on the site.

Remember that your students come here to walk "Down History Lane" with us; and to keep up with current news. I ask you to post your comments with clarity, dignity, and respect for the feelings of others. I truly do not believe that we should let courtesy become a lost art regardless of the strength of our convictions. Civility is also a part of democracy.

If you run into technical problems while we make this and other transitions, please let me know through Feedback.

Please register to comment and to share your thoughts.

And Welcome to the new path of Welcome Home Soldier.

Miz' Remy.


Here I am a 50-something woman who has gone "back to school." I'm taking a 20th century history course and I've decided that ALL adults should have to take a refresher history course. Reviewing the highlights of the 20th century has made me realize that nothing is really new (even though we call them 'current events') and people, in particular governments, seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over. We seem to just forget! I believe that every person who contemplates running for public office should be required to complete and pass a 20th century history course. Maybe then elected officials could more wisely deal with current problems because they would be viewed against the backdrop of history. Does anyone else think this would be a good idea?

Posted by: Janet, at 2006-05-04 01:28:30

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