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Dear Senators and Congressmen

By Remy Benoit

I sat here going through the news this morning.

We have heard a good deal about Homeland Security, but something is just not clicking right. Security is about covering a lot of things, including food, housing, medicine, catastrophe relief, etc.

Why, 8 months after Katrina are 300,000 people unable to return to New Orleans?

Why are people who are there still using candles as they have no power?

Why does it take 4 levels of contractors/subcontractors to remove debris from the Gulf Coast? Why hire a contractor who owns NO dumptrucks?

A $100 rebate is NOT going to solve our energy problem, nor is opening the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve. Alternative fuels will do that. Maybe even mass transportation. I believe we used to have a viable train system in this country.

Please stop putting bandaids on problems when surgery is needed.

From CNN Senators to push for $100 gas rebate checks.

Maybe 'windfall taxes' might help pay for the R&D to get somewhere with that.

From CNN Money Exxon profit surges from a year ago But oil behemoth misses analyst projections and cannot sustain record pace.

From the AP and MSNBC Politics Senate panel recommends abolishing FEMA.

From the AP and MSNBC Gunmen kill sister of Iraq's Sunni vice president In south, four coalition soldiers killed when Italian convoy bombed.

We are not prepared for a bird flu epidemic.

We are not prepared for a hurricane season that is 34 days away.

We cannot seem to tend to our borders.

We have no specific plan in regard for Iraq.

The President's ratings are dropping constantly.

Senators scream at each other.

Perhaps we need our Congress to stop playing politics; to not insult our intelligence with pittance rebates, but to get down to tending to the problems they were elected to tend to.

Perhaps the individual Senate and House seats that are up for election in November are important to their incumbents. This country is important to US. If we have any backbone, November elections will reflect that.

Tend to our fuel needs; our homeland security, our borders, our children, our medical needs, your sole and exclusive power to declare war, the budget, FEMA. There is a long, long list of things not tended to. Get to it.

From the Providence Journal, Jack Coleman, and Common Dreams Declaration of Energy Independence.


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