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By Remy Benoit

    These are some  of the headline articles of the day:
   From the Washington Post:

THE FALLEN Marines Killed in Iraq Are Mourned
U.S. Death Toll In War Reaches 8 By Shankar Vedantam and Rene Sanchez Washington Post Staff Writers.>

The War Plan Attack Was 48 Hours Old When It 'Began'By Bob Woodward Washington Post Staff Writer Researcher Mark Malseed contributed to this report.

  Around Globe, Protest Marches In N.Y., 200,000 Take to Streets By Michael Powell Washington Post Staff Writer.

   From the Times-Picayune:

   N.O. unit will be 1st wave of relief
N.O. unit will be 1st wave of relief by James Varney.

   U.S. troops cross the Euphrates River, within 100 miles of Baghdad By CHRIS TOMLINSON The Associated Press  3/23/03 6:35 AM.

   From the New York Times;

   As Many Iraqis Give Up, Some Fiercely Resist By DEXTER FILKINS.

The Philosopher of Islamic Terror By PAUL BERMAN.

Freedom Quarter' idea not too Swift Petition leader says many didn't get joke Saturday March 22, 2003 By Gordon Russell Staff writer.


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