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By Remy Benoit

Just a little rain came our way yesterday from all the thunderous storms we heard around us. We are in a drought, from what I hear, about 14 inches down. A rainy day, or two, would be a blessing.

The Legustrum is in bloom, its long white branches winding its way through the dry, settling branches of trees downed by Katrina that will take months,years, to clean up. Honeysuckle is sweetening the air too.

The car is parked under a Live Oak, and like so many of yours, it will stay parked unless absolutely needed.

From CNN Your e-mails: Anguish at the pumps.

From ABC and Dan Arnall Big Oil Expects Big Profits as Earnings Season Looms.

New Orleans votes for a mayor today. Many of the people from the Big Easy are caught up in a commute circle; can't stay in the city because they don't have the maps, to get the insurance, to fix their homes, so they are staying with family and driving long drives into the city. Gotta work, no? How to pay for the gas to get there?

The Granny Peace Brigade is having its day in court. From The New York Times, Clyde Haberman, and Common Dreams What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?. One of their attorneys said they were protesting to "to alert an apathetic public."

It remains to be seen if the apathy will be overcome with the gas prices biting at wallets. But it is a shame that it takes personal $ to get people saying anything about anything.

It is no secret that medical care for our Veterans has vast problems.

It is no secret that millions have no health care in this country; that people have to chose between medications, fuel, heat, and food.

It is no secret, but it is unacceptable, and it will stay the way it is until the people in the country just say "no more."

You cannot blame politicians if you do not use your voice.

From and Tom Philpott Outraged Over TRICARE.

From the National Coalition on Health Care Health Insurance Cost.

Speaking of health, what about that of the planet?
From the Salt Lake Tribune For Earth's sake: Global warming biggest challenge yet to environment.

From the Boston Globe, John Kerry, and Truthout Patriotism Is Truth, Today as in Vietnam.

I know we can't be everywhere, doing everything. Most peoples' plates are too full now, but if each of us zeroed in on one thing that we truly care about and kept after our legislators and executives to really do something about that topic, things would change.

Get to it!

From ODE Magazine, Tijn Touber and Jurriaan Kamp Welcome to the silver age.

From ODE Magazine and Zalman Schachter-Shalomi From old age to new sage.


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