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By Remy Benoit

From USA Today Five U.S. soldiers killed in three Iraq attacks this week.

From the Seattle Post Intelligence, Patrick Cockburn of the UK, and Common Dreams Situation in Iraq Could Not be Worse.

From the Chicago Sun Times, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Common Dreams Stop Bush Before he Attacks Iran.

From Tom Paine, Jim Lobe Mind Games Over Iran.

From the Washington Post, Joby Warrick, and MSNBC Lacking biolabs, trailers carried case for war. White House pushed Iraq bioweapons claim despite evidence to contrary.

From the AP and CNN White House defends Bush's post-invasion WMD claims.

From Nola, the Times Picayune, and James Varney Rage renewed as FEMA redoes bids Local contractors feel locked out from deals.

From the AP, Rukmini Callimachi, and Truthout Fed Inspectors: Katrina Contracts Wasteful.

From MSNBC and Mark Potter Florida's high-tech attack on unwanted snakes.

From ABC and Don Thompson Latest Calif. Storms Spares Hardest-Hit Areas.

From Letters to the Editor Re: Veteran Benefits.


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