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By Remy Benoit

From MSNBC ‘Gospel of Judas’ offers contrarian view of Jesus.

Who were the Gnostics? Gnostics, Gnostic Gospels, & Gnosticism.

From CNN Dan Brown wins 'Da Vinci' battle.

Dan BrownThe DaVinci Code.

Neale Donald Walsch Tomorrow's God : Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge.

Humanity's Team: A Civil Rights Movement for the Soul.

Barbara Marx Hubbard Foundation for Conscious Evolution.

Jerry Wennstrom The Inspired Heart : An Artist's Journey of Transformation. See my review of The Inspired Heart at The Niquahanam Project: Help to Heal the World Review The Inspired Heart.

There just has to be a better way than the way we live and treat each other and the world now. We can only get there if we choose to work together on a world wide scale.

Children in New York have PTSD from 9/11. Children in the Gulf States have PTSD from Katrina. The soldiers have PTSD. Civilians in war zones have PTSD. Should that not tell us something?

From Gary Jacobson Children of War.


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