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By Remy Benoit

From The Washington Post, Dana Priest, and MSNBC U.S. attack on Iran may prompt terror.

Are we, once again, moving too fast?

Is intelligence being properly investigated?

Are we boxing ourselves in again?

We have offered aid to Iran because of the horrors left in the trail of the earthquakes. Can we offer real dialogue too? This is not a time for oneupsmanship. This is a time to rationally work out problems. You have a voice, use it. The alternative is more body bags on all sides. No one needs that.

From Bloomberg, W. F. Buckley Jr., The National Review, and Truthout Buckley Says Bush Will Be Judged on Iraq War, Now a "Failure".

In an e-mail this morning, a woman who is taking a history course, The 20th Century, noted that we so consistently repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps that would not be so if we looked at what a former student teacher of mine years ago, a retired Chief Petty Officer, used to call the "Big Picture."

What if we put our thoughts and actions into that Big Picture? How differently would we think, view the world, and act towards each other? Make a visit to Andrew Cohen's EnlightenNext and this perspective from A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality by Tom Huston.


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