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By Remy Benoit

From the AP and MSNBC 3 strong quakes kill at least 66 in western Iran.

From the AP and MSNBC Iran says it test-fires missile able to avoid radar.

From the LA Times, Jeffrey Fleishman and Alissa J. Rubin Calm Is Urged in Iran Debate.

From SF Gate and Carolyn Lockhead Senate begins passionate immigration debate Specter trying to round up more GOP votes for bill.

From the AP and MSNBC Nixon aide to testify at Bush censure hearing.

From the AP and CNN Alternative to forest sales proposed Senators: Schools program doesn't require selling public lands.

If you closely look at most of the lead articles, the things that stands out most clearly is high running emotions, lack of balance, and fear. Nature has a way of balancing, even if it is destructive to us who, in fact, do not treat her very well.

Yet too quickly we go to weight an argument, a position, in one direction, instead of slowly proceeding through available options. We re-act, as we do quite often in our personal lives, instead of developing a course for both rational and compassionate action. All the issues above are highly emotionally charged. Perhaps a cool down period is called for in most of them.

We need to think outside the boxes we have locked ourselves into.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jay Bookman, and Common Dreams The Dismay of Our Elders Sums Up US.

Sadly, I have often heard Veterans of Vietnam say much the same thing. "This is not the country for which I bled and fought."

Time to do some re-evaluating, thinking, sharing, and growing.

Time to get up from our apathetic chairs, think things through, and decide who we are, what we stand for, what is being done in our names.

This might be a good place to start. THE BILL OF RIGHTS Amendments 1-10 of the Constitution.

Please don't say 'I am only one person. What can I do?' Does the name Gandhi ring any bells?

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