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By Remy Benoit

From Senator Feingold and TomPaine The GOP's Stake In Checking The President.

From William D. Hartung and TomPaine Democrats' Tough Talk.

From The Washington Times and Rowen Scarborough Political Offensive Targets Bush.

Contact Numbers U.S. Senators.

Contact Numbers U.S. House of Representatives.

We often seem to forget that these are our representatives, that they represent us and our views on the country.

A lot of negatives, a lot of fear, is being tossed around.

A person who stands for something in a positive way is able to generate a positive outcome. Negatives only breed more negatives.

If, as the numbers seem to say, c.70% of the population feels we are on the wrong track, well, then it is imperative that you call your Senators and Representatives and explain to them what you feel the right track is.

That is your responsibility, and right.

Doing Democracy by Bill Moyers.

From CNN and Lou Dobbs Dobbs: President, Congress defying people's will.

From the AP and Fox News Senators Take Sides on Illegal Immigration.


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