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Great San Francisco Earthquake

By Remy Benoit

We are coming up on the Anniversary ( April 18 ) of The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

This month's National Geographic's Cover Story: Quake. is of interest.

From Myrtle Beach Online, the Sun News, and Tonya Root Experts brace for the big one.

From the AP, San Diego, and Scott Lindlaw East of San Francisco, residents living on a time bomb along Hayward Fault.

From the AP and the Kansas City Star Bush declares 27 more Missouri counties disaster areas.

I am noting these things because we must be aware that all of us are vulnerable to all kinds of weather/nature problems and catastrophies.

I am aware that some people around the country are concerned about having to share insurance costs for devastated areas. We need to keep in mind that it could be us that needs help.

Today, although my home is about 140' above sea level, in a no flood zone, and I made no claim from either Katrina or Rita, I received a notice that come the end of May my home owners was cancelled - reason - "Program Not Available." So my agent is out searching for insurance.

The Bancroft Library at Berkely has an interesting story to tell The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire - Insurance Claims.

Now maybe I am a little dense here, but if you are selling a product, or a service, or insurance, aren't you supposed to deliver on it?

If you are in a 'high risk' business, doesn't that imply that you are willing to accept, prepare for, and deal with said risk in a humane and moral way? Some years will be profitable; some will cost big bucks, but isn't that what the term 'risk' implies?


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