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New Orleans: Trust Betrayed

By Remy Benoit

From the Washington Post, Joby Warrick and Peter Whoriskey, and MSNBC Army Corps faulted on New Orleans levees Experts: Studies foresaw systemwide failure, safety review needed.

I have been sitting here, reading this, having watched the ABC Special Rebroadcast, Monday, March 27,ABC26 Special: Rebuilding Lakeview. and being horrified by what was reported.

This is not just about a levee system, this is about the destruction of lives, homes, dreams, and lifetimes of hard work to fund them.

If you had sat on my front porch as I did with someone dear to you who lost everything in Lakeview, or anywhere else in New Orleans, you would have to ask the question that if this weakness, this vulnerability, in the levee system was known since the mid-80's, how did those who knew sleep at night knowing this could, and probably would, happen?

I simply cannot impart my sense of outrage.

Whatever happened to a sense of responsibility?

There is no place, anywhere, that is "safe."

No matter where I lived at the moment, I would be questioning if my local "vital protection" whatever that is, that I am dependent on, is being properly maintained?

You have to question the security of the homeland and wonder if responsibility is being taken on a day by day maintenance level.

We we led to believe ours was.

We were led to believe that if we reported leakages they would be tended to; they weren't.

As to responsibility, well, how exactly can this kind of breach of trust be made up to people?

How, exactly, do you give them back the pictures of their children growing up?

How, exactly, do you give people back their lives when they did not survive this?

You can't.

We are not alone. From MSNBC and Alan Boyle ‘Next New Orleans’ may be in California.

For a more life sustainable view than our current one for surviving on this lovely planet Earth Policy Institute.


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