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Many Lives, Many Masters

By Reviewed by Remy Benoit

   Brian L. Weiss, M.D. challenges many of our assumptions about life on this human plane in Many Lives, Many Masters.
   Dr. Weiss was a practicing psychiatrist, successful in his work using traditional methods treating depression, anxiety states, substance abuse, Alzheimer's Disease, brain chemistry, and sleep disorders.

   And then he began treating a new patient, who for privacy purposes he calls Catherine.

   Catherine was anxious, nervous, fearful, beset with nightmares and sleep walking episodes and panic attacks.. Her relationships were not working.
   Catherine came to see him, once or twice a week, for eighteen months. There was some improvement, but not what was to be considered enough.  At that point, Dr. Weiss decided to use hypnotism.

   With regression hynotherapy things began to happen.

   Catherine began to speak, in vivid detail, of other lives, many other lives.  And as she spoke of them, their details began to impact on her current problems, beginning to clear them up, one by one.

   Reincarnation ideas had not been part of Dr. Weiss active thoughts or beliefs.  He began to do research and found that not only is reincarnation an active part of Jewish Kabbalistic mysticism, it was also part of early Christian doctrine until outlawed by the Church. Add to that many of the Eastern religions and you find great concurrence in reincarnation beliefs.

   Weiss' work with Catherine changed her life, and his.

   Perhaps it will help to broaden the base of how you look upon life and death.

   Read the words of the Masters as they give guidance; travel through some of Catherine's incarnations, and give consideration to what it being said. Perhaps it will bring you some peace. If reincarnation theories are true, then, well, that changes perspectives on a whole lot of thing.

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