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By Remy Benoit

   The debate goes on about the proposed war.

   Here are some of today's  viewpoints/news reports:
   From the Philadelphia Inquirer: Britain tries a new Iraq idea at U.N. By Diego Ibarguen, Fawn Vrazo and Martin Merzer Inquirer Washington Bureau.

   Also from the Philadelphia Inquirer: Postwar debate turns to who will pay As an elite panel warned of a huge bill for U.S. taxpayers, a Bush aide said Iraqis would chip in. By Tim Johnson Inquirer Washington Bureau.

   From Veterans For Common Sense. Support our Troops Sean Gonsalves Cape Cod Times: Support Our Troops.

   From the Indianapolis Star: AP News Iraq Dismisses British Compromise Plan.

   From the Houston Chronicle: AP Press Bill would automatically register men for a draft.

   From the Seattle Post Intelligencer: Northwest peace activists hit the streets -- of Iraq  by Sam Skolnik.

   Also from the Seattle Post Intelligencer: 2 of the sweetest words: 'Mail call'By M.L. LYKE SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTER.


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