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Proposals Concerning Iraq Continue

By Remy Benoit

   The debate goes on, the suggested time frames continue being argued, the demand lists alter.

   So here are some of the features of today's positions:
   From the Washington Post's article by By Karen DeYoung and Colum Lynch Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, March 12, 2003; Page A01
Bush Lobbies For Deal On Iraq.

   Also from the Washington Post By Glenn Frankel Washington Post Foreign Service Wednesday, March 12, 2003; Page A10
Domestic Pressures Build Against Blair Support of U.S. on Iraq Taking a Toll.

    From the UK and the Manchester Guardian Staff: US: no evidence of 'Bin Laden capture.

    Also at the Manchester Guardian see a history of the al-Qaida at: Timeline al-Qaida.

   From Le Monde: The UMP approves the veto of Chirac on Iraq but worries for the Franco-American relation.

   From the Frankfurter Rundschau on line:
The USA shift UN vote.

    On the personal and humane side of all this, from By Lynne Jensen Staff writer at the Times-Picayune here in New Orleans: Dogs of War.

    And a factor in all this that probably few of us have considered from Pravda and Translated by Maria Gousseva :Is Hussein Owner of Crashed UFO?.


I don't sopsupe there is a breakdown available as to how the two wars have cost us New Yorkers over $107 Billion. What's covered besides unemployment insurance, health care costs, subsidized housing, and lost tax revenue? The amounts given (the source being the U.S. Department of Defense), probably don't reflect the suffering of the friends and families of those who were wounded or died in the conflicts and consequential costs to the state, directly or indirectly (their sick days, etc ).

Posted by: Mar, at 2012-02-23 18:16:47

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