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Happy Valentine's Day

By Remy Benoit

It is Valentine's Day, filled with traditions, expectations, joys, and sorrows.

If you are spending it with your loved one and adrift in a sea of lace and chocolate, do enjoy.

If you are spending the day alone, that is okay too, for each of us has come here with a purpose, a mission, if you will. We are all part of an overall Creation that we are pretty much unable to comprehend because of the vastness of its scope.

If you feel alone, you truly are not. Go out, touch a snowflake if you are up in the Blizzard of '06 area; walk on a beach, do some cloud watching and connect with the vastness of this Creation.

Watch the sunlight play through the leaves of a tree; order some seeds, plants for growing through the summer.

Send a note to someone you care about, to someone who you know feels alone too, and connect.

Pick up a phone and call home, whatever home means to you.


Show the compassion that you show to others to yourself.

Love is vast, real love is unconditional, full of growth, of joy, of smiles. Bring a missing piece of your soul home to joy today.

If you are in active service, thank you for all you are giving. Be safe, come home to us.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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