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Lawyers Seek Restraining Order

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN Lawyers try to delay evacuee evictions.

The above appeal was denied.

From the AP and Wide-Ranging Reforms Expected for FEMA.

From MSNBC Katrina fraud, waste and dozens of arrests.

From MSNBC Rising From the Ruins.

Some of you are buried in a couple feet of snow, and while the media shows how much fun it is to go sledding, it does not show how hard it is when power goes out, pipes start breaking, cars won't start, and people start trying to lift the snow that is truly too heavy for them. Please do not try to do that which your health tells you that you should not be doing.

Even though we do not have snow here, it is only 28 degrees at the moment.

While all this is going on, do keep in mind that our soldiers are still at the front, some are coming home with terrible injuries. From ABC, 60 Minutes, and Mike Wallace, The Wounds Of War.

And Down History Lane with ABC and Costas Kantouris Archaeologists Find Massive Tomb in Greece.


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