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No One Ever Said It Was Easy

By Remy Benoit

Okay, you're not a kid anymore.
The years have come and gone and your baggage often weighs heavy.

You meet someone full of expectations.

They seem nice, maybe even right for you. But the thought runs through your mind, "There will be something that I find out that will spoil this chance too." Or, "I am really awful at commitment." Or, "I have been seriously burned. Never again."

Perhaps that is because you are asking someone else to carry your baggage instead of lessening its weight yourself.

If "guilty" runs through your head at any of the above, well, try this one from Danielle Steel (yeah, guys, you too). Toxic Bachelors. and see if some of the baggage these people carry is similar to your own. Sometimes we need to stand back, look at others, to see ourselves.

It is about loving, all of it.

I suppose we need to adjust for inflation on this considering the time that has moved on since that sage philosopher, Hawkeye Pierce from Crab Apple Cove, Maine uttered these words:

Without love, what are we worth? Eighty-nine cents! Eighty-nine cents worth of chemicals walking around lonely.

It means taking a chance, both on yourself, and on another person. If that seems too hard, start with nurturing a plant, a pet, yourself, and then someone else. Your life will expand if you give it loving attention. In turn, perhaps, you can expand someone else's life too.


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