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Medicare Part D and a lot more

By Remy Benoit

A bit confused with all this?

These links should help you a bit:

This is to find a personalized plan...Personalized Plan. Be sure to have ID numbers, names of meds, at hand.

And what seems less expensive now, may not be later...this article from Newsweek and Temma Ehrenfeld explains Making Sense of Part D.

Health care problems with the VA are well known too.

Seems there should be a rational, understandable, and efficient way to deal with health problems. We are a can do country; we could do that, if we wanted to, if we demanded that it be done right.

Some thoughts from Physicians for a National Health Care Program So you want the same insurance as Members of Congress.

Medicare/Medicaid News.

From Tom Paine and Robert B. Reich Our Worrisome MDP.

Also in the news:

from CNN Source: Lobbyist to plead guilty to fraud, other charges.

from the AP and New Book Reveals Secret War Operations.

from and David Meadows The Un-Patriot Act.


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