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2b? Nt2b? = ???

By Remy Benoit

This article was sent to me this morning.

To say this idea is pathetic is an understatement.

Once upon a time, the idea of education, meaning to open up, was to climb up to the next level of achievement, not to stay mired in the gloomy basement of too lazy to learn it; too lazy to rise up to the challenge. If this is "spoon feeding" students, I think perhaps we are gagging them with this kind of dross. Just my opinion.

Thank you, Mr. Pitts, Jr. for this Opinion Piece from the Miami Herald. 2B? Nt2B? Great literature, dumbed down.

And this additional comment on the subject from a Professor Emeritus, Al Beck.

"The nature of learning has become mired in a battle between the silly testing directions of N.C.L.B. - which force teachers to make students memorize material that can easily be found by using the internet and the need to speed up the process of learning by such devices as the immediate alteration of our language.
The former makes the mistake of assuming learning is an equal opportunity experience (but in truth it isn't; since every human has a different focus on life at every age.) And the latter has become a reflection of the need for immediate response in all areas of life.
What has happened to the nature of patience?
Is immediate gratification altering the character of the next generation?
(and my questions become even more abusive if I were to continue)
So I won't cntnu."


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