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By Remy Benoit

  I was doing some research for my new book, Blood Heat, ( Loving will be our soon and I am very excited about that) today and went to visit a vintage on line clothing store called the Rusty Zipper.

  They have an interesting collection of vintage apparel.
  When you are revisiting the past for your writing, it is wonderful inspiring to get into the mood of the times. Looking at the clothing, the furniture, jewelry, books read, music played
"sets" your head into the way of the life and thought of the time.

  Rusty Zipper. has an extensive link collection that should help you with research, and/or decking yourself out in the costume of different time period, or perhaps even adding a few hints of nostalgia to your home. If you have always wanted to try the clothes of a different time, this is a great place to start!

  If you are writing and want to know about ccoking in the 1940'2 and 1950's, you might want to try Let's Go Back to the Good Old Days Of Cooking For Your Family. Heartland.

  If you are interested in the Sixties, try, Sixties City.

  If you are Forties Cool, you will enjoy Forever Vintage.

  The link list is long: Don't be Square, go there!


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