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War, DeLay, FEMA,

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN DeLay conspiracy charge tossed out
Judge upholds more serious money-laundering allegations.

From Newsday and Lara Jakes Jordan Letters Show FEMA Knew Response 'Broken'.

From Newsday, Les Payne, and Common Dreams Truth is First Casuality of War.

From the Washington Post, Craig Whitlock, and MSNBC CIA ruse on missing cleric misled Italians
Agency spread disinformation to cover its tracks.

From MSNBC Rice defends terror policy before trip to Europe.

From the Washington Post, Dan Eggen, and the Seattle Times Government gets 5 "F's," 12 "D's" in last 9/11 report.

From the AP and Troop Reduction May Come in '06.

From CorpWatch in October and Adam Entous of Reuters US: Katrina work goes to officials who led Iraq effort.

From the Nation, John Nichols, and Truth Out An Anti-War Challenge to Hillary Clinton.

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer and Gus R. Stelzer, an Opinion Piece Mr. Bush, Have I Got An Exit Strategy For You.

Down History Lane - New news on the Titanic from the AP and MSNBC Scientists tout new discoveries from Titanic
Wreckage found suggests ship sank faster, explorers claim.


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