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Truth too much sometimes?

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN Homeless for the holidays Katrina display draws ire.

I did not see Frank Evans display, but I do applaud his courage and integrity in building it the way he did. Too many are afraid to look at what is directly in the eye. Mississippi and Louisiana are hurting.

There are blue roofs all about here.

There are empty lots where homes used to be.

There are trees down everywhere.

There are shattered lives.

There are people who need feeding.

We need to face that, and change it.

Promises were made to us in Jackson Square.

I, for one, taught my children that their word was their bond.

I taught them to not make promises they were not going to keep.

Please keep your promises, Mr. Bush. And, not only the ones made in Jackson Square. Our soldiers lives need to be "preserved and protected."

Ya'll can help:

Baton Rouge Food Bank.

Ya'll need to help here too, big time:

Salute America's Heroes.

Freedom is Not Free.

Any Soldier.

How about thinking about making this holiday season more about giving than receiving?

And to my new buddy, who I met today in the store, who served in the Airborne in the green, may your holidays be blessed with joy and peace. Do keep in touch.

Blessings to All,


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