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Climate in a Variety of Forms

By Remy Benoit

From the AP and CNN U.S. defends climate change position.

From the Toronto Star and Peter Gorrie U.S. won't play ball at climate conference
U.S. delegate plans to resist United Nations post-Kyoto pact Royal Society head warns of climate's `mass destruction'.

From the AP and CNN Deadly storms hit power, roads across Plains.

From the AP and MSNBC Ex-Powell aide rips Bush on Iraq, detainees.

From USA Today and Rice Defends Prisoner Tactics.

From Joe Galloway and Dishonest Words From Cheney.

From the Press-Herald, Maine, Dexter J. Kamilewicz, and Common Dreams an Opinion Piece Politicians' Silence on Iraq Speaks Volumes.

And another Opinion Piece from OP-ED/Herald-Tribune and John M. Feagan of Sarasota and Veterans for Common Sense Only those who served know what war is. that raises and interesting position for us all to think about.

From Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Paine The Path To Peace.

Some breaking news from the AP and CNN CIA chief defends agency over bin Laden hunt.

From MSNBC and Rising from Ruin Hippies Wave Goodbye. A friend was in Waveland just this last weekend. The pier, the houses are gone. The beach muddied, debris all about. Free meals are still being distributed. To those who have helped us so much, our gratitude, our prayers, our blessings. There is still so very much to be done. Even the New Orleans Zoo animals were depressed until the people started coming back. Thank you to the Zoo Director who achieved the almost impossible to get it going again. Please don't let Louisiana and Mississippi be forgotten in the halls of governance. The simple fact is, you need Mississippi, Louisiana, and the Port of New Orleans, and right now, we need all of you.


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