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Happy Thanksgiving

By Remy Benoit

We constantly question Why?

Why are there tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes?

Why are people so thoughtless of, so cruel to, each other?

Why is it so difficult to love someone, to love everyone, as part of this vast Creation, and not just an extension of our plan for ourselves?

Why is there war?

I don't have any answers; none of us do, not truly.

But we do have the awesome gift of choice.

We can be the person in the room who radiates love and warmth and peace, or we can be the person in the room who pulls everyone else into their dark abyss of not enough, not good enough, me rather than them.

During this incredible hurricane season, I have heard questions about how much we, and our actions, influence the weather. I don't think it will be too long until we get an answer to that question considering all the work being done with quantum physics.

They say that war is inbred in us. Not so sure that is true, but again we will learn the answer to that one too.

That is one of the things to be thankful for this holiday; the fact that we have choice, that we can learn, not only individually but as inhabitants of this planet, solar system, universe, Creation.

We have the choice to change our paths.

We have the choice to say "I'm sorry" if we have hurt someone.

We have the choice to forgive others.

We have the choice to make the choices.

There are people all around the globe this morning, as I sit waiting for the sun to come through the branches of the live oaks, who are hurting, really really hurting. There are those engaged in wars; those who know starvation; those suffering from the cold where the tsunami ripped away their lives; there are those far from home here in Louisiana who are trying to make decisions about what to do next.

There are those in legislative branches, state and federal, who need to be making some important choices, soon, very soon.

We can give thanks that we have the ability to make choices. We can pray for guidance in making them. That is a choice we have too.

Just consider this one idea: if today as you sit down to your Thanksgiving table, how much sweeter would that meal be if you knew no one else was starving, no one else was knowing the horror of war; that everyone knew when they needed help it would be there without the delays, the red tape, the excuses.

Think about that, and maybe make the choice to be help us be closer to the realization of those goals next year when you sit down to your Thanksgiving table. It does take the world to take care of each hamlet, town, city, and person. And yet, it starts, that care, it starts with each of us as individuals. The Butterfly Effect? Go ahead, flap your wings a bit, and help to "make it so."

Happy Thanksgiving,


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