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A Reminder

By Remy Benoit

The debate is heating up.

People are taking stands on both sides of all the issues.

But there is one thing that is absolutely clear.

Support the troops. We sent them, they are doing what they were sent to do.

And when they come home, BE THERE. Welcome them home, not just with words, but by supporting them in getting what they gave so much to earn. They deserve top medical care, education, jobs, and our thanks for their service.

Their lives, in oh so many ways, have been changed, forever. Over two thousand have given up their lives. Close to 16,000 carry wounds. BE THERE. Demand VA attention and funding. Demand jobs for them.

Look them in the eye. These people are not coming home. Forces: U.S. & Coalition/Casualties.

Look them in the eye and help their buddies who are coming home. Look them in the eye and stand by their families. Call your Senators, Representatives, and the White House and let them know that you demand decent and respectful treatment for all our Veterans. That you will accept nothing less. You do have a voice, but only if you use it.


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