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Can't See the Forest for the Trees

By Remy Benoit

The answer is always, "it's the bureaucracy." Does that mean no one is responsible, response able, or can see the forest for the trees?

Not one check has been mailed? From Veterans Education Money all Tied Up.

From and Tom Philpott Don't Raise TRICARE Costs.

From Fox News, greg Simmons, and Veterans for Common Sense War Vets Group Calls For Ban on Torture.

We are still waiting on the promise "do what it takes ... stay as long as it takes" in the Big Easy at Jackson Square.

From Newhouse News, Bill Walsh and Bruce Alpert Support for Category 5 Storm Protection in New Orleans Ebbs in D.C.

From and David A. Andelman
New Orleans: Into The Dead Zone.

From and Robert Malone The Port Of New Orleans: A Call For Help.

From Living on Earth and Jeff Young Rebuilding the Gulf Coast.

From the AP and MSNBC Cuban scientist barred from receiving U.S. prize
Verez-Bencomo has developed low-cost vaccine for meningitis, pneumonia.

From the AP and MSNBC U.S. seeks to halt minority, women fellowships.

From the Washington Post, Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus, and MSNBC Asterisks dot White House’s Iraq argument
Administration had access to intel that wasn’t shared with Congress.
The section, "Few in Congress read intel report" is particularly unsettling.

From MSNBC and Roger O'Neil Bureaucracy at the Tomb of the Unknowns
The marble’s cracked, but donating a perfect replacement isn’t so easy.

From CNN a Special Report Paris bans gatherings due to threat of violence.


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