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The Fog of a Lot of Things

By Remy Benoit

Heavy fog this morning, acrid air having had no rain
here in over two months now.

Seems there is a bit of a fog here too. From CNN Church: Anti-war sermon imperils tax status.

Acrid air here too. From the AP and MSNBC French Cabinet OKs curfews to stop rioting.

No surprise on this one. From the Washington Post, Dean Starkman, and MSNBC Hurricanes seen raising the cost of insurance. No insurance claims here; we are cleaning it all up ourselves, as are many others.

An Opinion Piece from the Buffalo News, Anna Quindlen, and Common Dreams Tragically, Iraq Has Become A Rerun Of Vietnam.

Another Opinion Piece from the Boston Globe, James Carroll, and Common Dreams. Deconstructing Cheney.

From the Daily Telegraph, Luke McIlveen Holy war on Australia.

From the Christian Science Monitor and Warren Richey Military tribunals to get a test in Supreme Court.

From the Scotsman Four US soldiers die in Iraq checkpoint suicide bombing .

From The Guardian and Sir Christopher Meyer How Britain failed to check Bush in the run up to war.

From Fox News Dems Push Iraq Intel Investigative Panel.

From the AP and Fox News Lawmakers Worry About Patriot Act 'Abuse'.

From and Joe Galloway Battle With the Upper Echelon.

And an essay from historian Harvey J. Kaye, and Veterans for Common Sense Paine's counsel for a new time that tries men's souls.


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