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Sunday Morning

By Remy Benoit

It is 37 this morning here in the Southland, crisp and dry. We have our first chance of rain since Katrina this week, and that is most welcome here. I see New England is getting the rain and snow. Hurricane Beta is moving in as a 2 and possibly a 3. From the AP and CNN Hurricane Beta now Category 2 and may go in as a 3. Oh yes, don't forget to set your clocks back. From MSNBC Fall back: Time to reset your clock
Gain an hour and learn more about mysteries of time and sleep.

From CNN Bush urges patience as support for war shrinks.

From the Washington Post, Dan Balz, and MSNBC Can Bush chart a recovery?.

From the Washington Post, Glenn Kessler, and MSNBC Alongside his boss, Libby shaped Iraq policy.

From the AP, the New Observer (North Carolina), Tim Whitmore and Veterans for Common Sense The Myth of The Pro-War, Pro-Bush Military Shattered in New Poll.

From Newsweek, Anna Quindlen, and Veterans for Common Sense We've Been Here Before.

From the AP and Vet Loses Sight Photographing Iraq.

From Joe Galloway and Return of the Body Count.


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