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The Cost of Fuel

By Remy Benoit

A friend of mine up north told me how he and his wife wrap up in sweaters and blankets when they come home from work as they simply cannot afford to properly warm their home with their oil furnace. Seems that his story is one of many.

Personally, I do not drive into town just for one thing, but wait until their is a list to "to do's" to take care of so I can stay within a gasoline budget. Again, I am sure I am not alone in this.

I recall the World's Fair in New York way back in '64 when there was a 'vision' of what the world would be like when the century turned. Still waiting on those heated roadways!

I recall all kinds of visions of alternative energy. Still waiting on those too. And I can't help but wonder why we are still waiting when we should be doing.

From the New York Times, Jad Mouawad and Simon Romero, and Common Dreams
Big Rise in Profit Puts Oil Giants on Defensive.

If the people want affordable alternative energy sources, then the people have to demand them. That simple. Here are some ideas Alternative Energy Sources. Come on, you know the drill; lower demand = lower prices; higher demand = higher prices. I believe the word is "competition." Time to stop dreaming and start doing.


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