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Monday Morning

By Remy Benoit

It is still dark out there; temp at 45 here in the Southland; Wilma hitting Florida as a Category 3. Our prayers are with them. Last night I looked at pictures of my best friend's home that spent weeks under many feet of water. They are gut wrenching, so many things truly unrecognizable.

And yet, we go on, don't we? That is purely the wonder of us. We need to remember that when the bottom falls out from under us, there remain infinite possibilities and that the only direction to go is up.

But we also need to remember that in times of crisis we need to BE THERE for those who need us be they victims of natural disasters, or WIA's. To date, about 14,362 men and women are WIA's. Their lives have changed, in many cases with brain and spinal cord injuries. They need the best possible treatment, and they need to be given that with respect and gratitude, whatever your feelings about the current engagement. Look at their faces; those coming home; those not coming home. Forces: US & Coalition Casualties in Iraq.

When lives turn upside down, there is a stage of shock, anger, angst, and then questioning of what is truly essential. The same is true of countries.
An individual asks himself, "Who am I? Where do I want to go from here?" In many ways, a country needs to ask itself that too.

In the news:

From the Washington Post, Dan Eggen, and MSNBC FBI papers indicate intelligence violations
Secret surveillance lacked oversight.

From the AP and the Denver Post Top GOP senator suggests anyone indicted in Plame case should step aside. A top Democrat urges Bush to clarify his policy on if indictments reach into the White House.

This is an interesting piece from Scott Beckman and Common Dreams. Please take the time to consider what the writer is saying not only about the Office of the President, but about each and every American. 10 Reasons Bill Moyers Should Be President.

And, an opinion piece from Dan Simpson, Toledo Blade, and Veterans for Common Sense Expanding Iraq War into Syria is lunacy.

Also, an opinion piece from Robert Dreyfuss and Tom Pain Syria: The Next Iraq.



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