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FEMA and Rove

By Remy Benoit

Our prayers are with all of you in Wilma's path. Please, do what you need to do to protect yourself and sustain yourself through this, and after.

From the AP and CNN FEMA official: Agency didn’t heed warnings
Regional director tells Senate panel that early information was ignored.

From the Washington Post, Jim VandeHei and Peter Baker, and MSNBC Post-Rove thinking under way at White House.

From Senator Joseph Lieberman Lieberman Statement for Hurricane Katrina Hearing.

This is a letter I sent to Senators Lieberman ( Ranking Dem ), and Collins ( GOP Head of the Committee), and Landrieu from Louisiana:

New Orleans is one of the most vital port cities in this country. FEMA's lack of response ability was, and is, beyond credibility and acceptability. The primary function of government is the welfare of its people. There is something seriously wrong with the thinking and priorities of the current incumbents at all levels of national government if they are not prepared to respond to the needs of those in dire crisis, and also not prepared to meet the needs of those they send into active combat. Our soldiers should not have had to beg to be reimbursed for protective equipment that should have been supplied in the first place.

And please, do keep in mind that our Constitution gives only Congress the right to declare war. That has been too long forgotten. That article is there for a reason, namely a balance of power.

We have had enough excuses, grandstanding, politics, and buck passing on all fronts. It is time to take a real stand to defend the rights and welfare of all the people; that is true Homeland Security.


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