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Tuesday in the News

By Remy Benoit

The casualties are staggering and help comes slowly.

From CNN Food arrives as toll tops 42,000.

From CNN Gulf Coast Blog: Charity Hospital officials make case for demolition. Charity Hospital is a vital part of New Orleans health care. This has to be done right.

From The Washington Post, Renae Merle and Griff Witte and MSNBC Lack of contracts limited FEMA
Dealing with disaster on fly proved costly.

From the Washington Post, Evelyn Nieves, and MSNBC Mississippi starts to stagger back
Normal is still a long ways away, though.

It is very difficult to mentally process this kind of destruction, especially if it is not in your experience. I suppose that the best, at least now, feeling I can try to relate is that devastation of this magnitude violates the mind, soul, and heart's parameters of what is real, what is normal, what can be endured. Our homes are our sanctuaries. Death, muck, slime, mud, mold are not part of what the mind holds acceptable in them. Intrusions of this nature not only take "it" all, they in a curious way make one feel stripped of a personal history, left without supports, and lost, questioning the seemingly insane meaning of it. When the destruction reaches the magnitude of the tsunami, or this quake, normal vanishes and bewilderment, horror, and anger have their time before any kind of adjustment can be made to what cannot be understood.

From the Los Angeles Times, Alan C. Miller and Ken Silverstein, and Common Dreams Lobbyists Advise Katrina Relief.

From Iraq, from the AP and Death Toll Rises for Military Reservists.

On another note, "Granny" is 95 and she has some ideas to share with you. From Common Dreams and Doris 'Granny D' Haddock 'We Are Resolved to Follow Our National Dream'.


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