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In the News This Evening

By Remy Benoit

From CNN Two New Orleans hospitals beyond help Head of hospitals: $440 million needed to replace facilities.

Like most of Louisiana, I am tired of "He said, she said...we are talking about it." WE NEED DEEDS NOT WORDS from governmental organizations. Stop talking and start doing. Linemen, tree cutters and other volunteers have worked non-stop here, sleeping in their trucks, in tents. We are so very grateful to them! This country needs the Port of New Orleans, needs the Gulf oil, needs many things from here. Let's get to it!

From the AP, Brett Martel, and NOLA Corps: Levees will be rebuilt to same specs for now.

From CNN Louisiana faces cash crisis Funds to pay first responders running out.

From MSNBC and Lisa Myers Critics question no-bid Katrina contracts.

From MSNBC Clinton tours Mississippi Gulf Coast.

From Common Dreams and Stephen Zunes Arrogance in the Face of Disaster.

From CNN Bush plans 'major speech' on Iraq, terrorism.

From the AP and U.S. Troops Seek to Retake Iraq Towns.


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