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By Remy Benoit

It is the first of October.

A package came in the mail today for us.

It contained two video tapes sent from family up north. There is, and has not been since 5:45 AM on the day Katrina came, no cable here. There is no indication when it will be on again.

Thus, we had not yet, until today, seen a single visual of what we were hearing on a shortwave radio as we sat through the horrendous winds, the rain, the cracking, uprooting trees, the weeks of no power in incredible heat, in the dark. We could see our area; see the felled trees, the flipped trailers, the damaged homes, but we could not see New Orleans, or Slidell, or Chalmette, or Gulfport, or Pass Christian, or Waveland.

We have seen nothing of what Rita did.

We are the fortunate ones. We have our home.

It will take me a lot of time to process what I have been watching the last few hours. I listened to an exhausted Brian Williams, ah, who I recall in his early days of reporting, ask why supplies could not be sent in well ahead of when they were.
The answers he got were honest, open, and explicit. No reason acceptable. Thank you Brian for seeking those answers, for you and all the other reporters who stayed in the broiling heat to deliver the truths of this living nightmare.

I shall pray that that question will be answered, not only to put ease to the soul of New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast, but to the rest of the country who should know when their time of need comes, that need will be met without such painfilled, and deadly, delay.

Again, I am stunned at what I am seeing and what took so very long, at what is still taking so very long, to be deployed.

For the time being, while we process this, the questions are there. The answers must come.
Solutions must come. Because we must all remember the old phrase, There but for the grace of God, go I.

PTSD is a common factor in natural disaster and in war.

From NOLA and Jamie Derenbecker Life Does Go On.

From the Desmoines Register, Kevin Dobbs, and Veterans for Common Sense 'You have an illness. It is from the war, and it is real.'.


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