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Katrina Day 20

By Remy Benoit

I am on a very  fragile dial up connection and do not want to tie up the so needed lines.

We are fine, home undamaged, but surrounded by uprooted trees. On day 18, we got power for the house, but there is no cable connection yet for the computer for me to work here.

What I want to tell you is that many people DO NOT have power here and it will be 95 today. Many are in shelters, out of state, living in whatever they can find. Many can simply not go home again as there is nothing there.

People are trying to get to FEMA and the RED CROSS
on the phone, spending 8-10 hours and then losing the connection.  I know that the RED CROSS has collected hundreds of millions of dollars from ya'll for which we are so very grateful and thank you. BUT people cannot get through to them or FEMA and there is not a single RED CROSS financial distribution center in Louisiana. I do not  know about the other states. The only information we get is from United New Orleans Broadcasting. The people there are awesome and have our gratitude.  RED CROSS is telling them to go to other states to get help. MANY cannot, no cars, no gas, no money.

Please contact the proper authorities and get them moving on this. WE NEED HELP NOW.

Mikie, as you would say, DEEDS NOT WORDS.

No Fear.

Love to all, and thank Ya'll for being there for us even if  the authorities have a problem with moving the help to us.



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