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Sunday Morning

By Remy Benoit

It is a beautiful morning here in Louisiana. But things are going to change, drastically.

From CNN New Orleans orders evacuation Hurricane Katrina's winds nearly 175 mph.

Most of Southeast Louisiana, Waveland and Bay St. Louis, MS are under manadatory evacuation orders.

Use the Contra plan, all lanes going north, but the city is gridlocked trying to get to I 10. Use an alternate route, or as the Governor suggested, go east, then north, and then west if you must.

If you have elderly neighbors do not leave them in the city. The churches have been asked by the Mayor to use their buses, so if you need help, call your church. Make sure the elderly have their meds with them!

This is not a test...this is REAL, with 20'-25' surges expected. This is not the one to ride out in the city. I know we love her, but there is a time to leave and this is it.

Stay with your local channels and NOLA.

Be kind, be patient and courteous on the road.

Go with God,

Evening! The first bands of Katrina have started coming through. Mandated evacuations in SE Louisiana and New Orleans, but many staying in the Superdome. We are not in a flooding area here but are expecting 100+ mph winds. Have done all possible, but hey, who can prepare, truly, for a Category 5 hurricane except by leaving the areas given to flooding. Keep us in your prayers. Remy


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