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The Bomb

By Remy Benoit

From the Baltimore Sun, Amy Goodman and David Goodman The Hiroshima cover-up.

From The History News Network and Mark Selden New Documents Show How the Story of the Bomb Was Suppressed.

From The Age and Matt Condon Witness to the ghosts of Hiroshima.

World War II taught us many things.

It taught us about the heights of bravery, courage, and compassion we could reach.

It taught us the depths we could plunge to in efficiency of slaughter.

From the History Place The Rape of Nanking, 1937-1938 300,000 Deaths.

The Holocaust Encyclopedia.

Bombing of Dresden.

Like other wars, learning about it should motivate us to find other ways.

From Loving:

How, Why, and When?

How do we bear the pain of loves sacrificed to
mud and mortars?
How do we bear the pain of generation after
generation of brutality?
Why do we condone frozen death in trenches,
fiery evisceration by artillery shells,
terrorized dehumanizing in tiger cages?
How do we assent to the obscenity of life and
love lost to raining bombs and chemicals?
Why do we allow the waste of war?
How do we go on?
How do we look at ourselves in the morning?
We don't.
We refuse to see, we institutionalize,
forget broken fragments
of our own sent home from battlefields.
How do we allow the waste of war?
We just do.
And do it all over,
and over,
and over,
and over
Refusing to see.
Spending more for munitions
than loving.
Allowing endless planning for war in our
instead of raising our voices,
using our hands,
our hard won knowledge
for peace.
Not saying as mothers
"This is not what we carried, suckled him for."
Holding onto grudges whose roots lie buried in the moss of history.
Instead of making each day a new day,
a new creation.
And we will,
until we learn better.
Until we say NO.
What will it take to move us?
Recall, that even as children
we were taught
to say
to poisoned

So many times over I have been asked the question: Why does God allow this? Perhaps the real question is why do we do this?

We, all of us, will always be able to find a them to blame. Perhaps we need to start looking in our mirrors and asking the question up close and personal all around the globe: What am I contributing to a better way that does not demand the blood of our young?


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