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Some Thoughts to Consider

By Remy Benoit

This piece was sent to me this morning.

What it says is terrible, in the truest sense of the word which is extremely formidable, causing unrest, confusion, alarm, awe, etc.

The words were said over twenty years ago, yet they are ageless and bring us to a place that needs consideration.

WWII was itself a terrible time costing the lives of millions upon millions not only on the battlefront, but with collateral damage, torture, genocide.

This Saturday is an anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima; the following Tuesday, the anniversary of Nagasaki. Those bombings are still quite controversial. With talk of bunker busters and other nuclear weapons, alliances, refusals to sign treaties, non-proliferation vs building more, Father George Zabelka's words still carry much weight.

Terrorism is anathema to religions.

War still is not.

From my e-mail to here, the words that were sent to me Blessing the Bombs The Hiroshima Bombers' Chaplain Faces Christ George Zabelka. for you to consider.

I would like to hear from you, like to see shared thoughts about this. He does raise some formidable questions.



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