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By Remy Benoit

As we are all aware, the world grows smaller everyday. The fact that we are so interconnected demands of us that we begin to accept that deep connection. Jean Houston, in her A Passion for the Possible: A Guide to Realizing Your True Potential makes this deep connection quite vivid for us:

   Every sniff brings the world through your nose. It has been estimated that in any given three-week period, some molecules of everyone on this planet pass through you breathing apparatus-your aunt Annie, the president of France, a giraffe in Kenya.

Think about that. The very air we breathe is quite literally filled with all of us.

    I highly recommend A Passion for the Possible: A Guide to Realizing Your True Potential.  It is an entrancing, enhancing, and awakening book.

A Passion for the Possible.

Marianne Williamson’s, Everyday Grace: Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness, and Making Miracles is a charming, loving and beautiful journey into the grace and charm of everyday life we are capable of opening ourselves to.
Everyday Grace.

     The Soul’s Religion: Cultivating a Profoundly Spiritual Way of Life by Thomas Moore is a companion volume to his Care of the Soul. Moore’s writing is profound, eye opening, and truly soul inspiring.
The Soul’s Religion.

       It has been forecast that this century could become the most profoundly religious century in human history. Considering what has been done in the name of religion throughout the centuries, this is a forecast that we must deeply, consciously, and prayerfully consider. We can continue to slip away from the true spiritual values of our particular beliefs and continue on the route of using religion for building walls between us and for destruction, or we can begin to truly live with the spiritual values that all religions espouse.  Again, like all else, the choice is ours.

    Join the Dalai Lama for a discussion of An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life. An Open Heart.

If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. he lived, thought, and acted, inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world of peace and harmony. We may ignore him at our own risk.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

For some interesting quotations on Peace, please visit: Quotes on Peace.


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