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By David Gau-Ghan

   David Gau-Ghan shares with us from New Zealand.

   He is the author of the 5 star books, The Blue Star Millennium and Quest for Genesis which you will find my reviews for under Articles.

   He is offering free weekly inspirational quotes like the following:
                        WHITE STAR GEM

"The choice is yours. The choice has always been yours.
You can either use your power of thought to manifest
unity and harmony in your life, or you can add to the
discord by allowing negative thoughts to dominate. Which
is it to be? It is your decision. The way you think, not
only affects your own life, but others around you; it
affects your loved ones; it affects your world. You have
the power to change the world you live in."
   This quote is an excerpt from the White Star series of
inspirational books:
Inspirational Quote Book.

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