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About Those Resolutions

By Remy Benoit

    The year is winding down even if I still haven't adjusted to the 200...something thing.

    Many people start thinking in terms of New Year's Resolutions.

    But let's think about that for a moment.
Most resolutions are based on guilt.
Guilt is a negative emotion.

Do you usually resolve to be a better wife, husband, son, daughter?

Do you resolve to work harder, quit something or other?

Resolutions from that perspective are grounded in guilt for something you are not doing well.

Let's turn this around a bit.

What things that you want in your life are not there yet? Make a list of them, no matter how outrageous they seem. If playing on a South Sea island is your thing, write it down.

People tell us we must take care of ourselves. By that they are usually implying physical care, but we have come to know just how large a role mental health plays in our lives. We have also come to know the power of prayer.

And yet many of us were raised being told that if we are thinking of ourselves, we are selfish.

A conflict there?

Life is about loving.

Loving is about compassion.

Would it be right to show compassion for others and not yourself?

If you approach your mate with love, it will come back to you.

If your quit thing is overeating, say a thank you for each bite of sustenance before you take the next bite. When you are finished, go to Hunger Site. and help to feed others. People do not have to starve on this planet if we choose to not have them starve.

Approach your workplace with How can I serve? Give a smile answering the phone, it will be heard. The more you connect with others, the more you will see how we are all connected.

Take each thing on your list and apply this positive approach to it. Be open to receive, be open to the abundance of life.

And constantly say thank you for each tiny miracle that comes into your life. The more you say thank you, the more you will find to be thankful for.

Then you can truly begin to Be peace.


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