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Volunteer Noel

By Sgt. Mike Pectol

  No two of us, as we have noted here, are alike.

  Each of us brings our own experience and perspective to things.

  Sgt. Mikie, Focus11b, sent me this, and I asked him if I could share it with you. A different way of looking at things it is, and I think, quite an interesting one. So thanks, Mikie for getting us to think a bit.
Volunteer NOEL

“The first NOEL, Was a a pre-war Noel,
A Messiah, was coming to lead us from Hell!

Christmas ’67, 2:30a.m., on the bunkerline, Dau-Tieng, Vietnam,
help me stay awake, Yowa, watch the kill-zone, see as much as I can.

And still on Christmas '02...
As I think about, them, us, and you....

I began to think about things, trying my mind to clear,
First I thought of home, and “What I’m doin here?
Some think warriors have no place in Christmas,
a time of love and good cheer.

But guarding the right to more Christmases, is what we’re doin here!
The right to stand under the mistletoe, and kiss her, after all that beer.

I thought about peace on Earth, and Goodwill to men, like all the storybooks say,
then as I thought, I realized it didn’t happen that day.

Yes, that is what it was all about,
But that was not how it started out!

Well, then, children, listen, and a lesson from history you’ll hear,
try really hard to remember, and it will help you in coming years,

The first Christmas was about Jesus, Henry and Paul Revere.
The very first Christmas was a War Time one, at least between men’s ears,

There was a revolution brewing, against slavery, Terror and Fear!
The Hebrews waited for a Warrior/Messiah, to “Lead us outta here!”

He led the revolution though he knew he would have to die,
pre-ordained at the bargaining table, as he looked into his Father’s eyes.

“Can you really do this, my son?” God may have asked,
Do you really love them so very much?  Are you up to this awesome task?”

“The deal is made, father, I must do my duty …unto death.
Show them freedom’s from you, where to find it, how to breathe it’s breath”

“Son, you know they will kill you, that’s they way they are,
they already have agents talking, to the “Wisemen” who follow the star?”

Of course that’s why I am going, because we are the only ones who can,
create and prove the saying “”Greater Love, hath no man!””

Then he said ‘You shall know the truth and it shall make you free.
You’ve always been free as God made you, just keep it unto death, like me.”

He started the movement, all over the world, and said Freedom is a God-Given right
There is no way to take it, you can’t even win it in a fight.

On this another War - Time Christmas, please remember, that first volunteer --
“Greater Love Hath NO” Man…Jesus! for things he held so dear --

It was his ideals we tried to uphold, it’s written in our ForeFathers’ hands….
It is also part of the reason we have fought in Foreign lands..

Now think about your warriors, USA,
serving far away, this very day….

Did they volunteer for a deal that could cost them their very lives,
did they volunteer to leave their families, beloved children, and wives?


Then, cast aside your prejudice, and look deep inside, if you can….
See the same feelings in you, as that “Greater Love Hath No” Man….

From that long ago time, and that long long ago land,
Freedom’s real birth was in him, not the Grecian Man..

He taught your warriors, some things are worth doing and only you can!
Be respectful and grateful, and try to understand,
that even if you can’t commit, …. not everyman can..
It was HE who volunteered us by saying -“Greater Love Hath No Man!!”

Thanks and God Bless our Volunteers!!

-----© Sgt. Mikie, 12/24/02



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