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A Question Came to Mind

By Remy Benoit

   I am a Trekkie and proud of that.

   Gene brought us hope in a time of chaos and for that I will always be grateful.

   In many ways the Star Trek crews have become part of the "national family."

   So, of course, I had to go, with my teenagers, to see Nemesis.

   Yes, teenagers, young adults, will still to go the movies with Mom and not be embarassed by that.
   Somehow it did not surprise me that it concerned Jean Luc and choices. He, like many of us, has reached the age where the choices we, and others, have made are being seriously considered.

  This one was different than many of the others in many ways, darker.

  But you definitely have my recommendation -*****

  But that is not where the question arose, though it did bring tears and touch me deeply.

  They do that trailer thing before the show and yesterday they did one for a new Jim Carey movie called, I believe, Bruce Almighty.  He is not my cup of tea, but the underlying premise is that for a week he is given all of God's powers to use as he sees fit.

  And that is where the question arose in my mind: given that ultimate power, what would you do?

  Clear up Mrs. Jones' arthritis? Cure cancer, AIDS, plague? Abolish chemical weapons, nucs? Rid the world of pain, war, hunger, dustbunnies?

  Erase national lines, clean up the oceans, the atmosphere, the  cities?

  Revamp the entire educational system? Do away with homelessness, poverty, racism, ethnocentrism, imperialism, bigotry?

  Or, if you really thought about it for awhile, would you sit back, observe, and follow the Prime Directive?

  Just a thought, just a question....Trek On!!
Make it so!



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