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The Three C's

By Remy Benoit

   We were raised to the Three R's: Readin', Writin', Rithmetic.

   We memorized.

   We were told to color within the lines.
   I have been involved with education since I was in high school myself.  When I got off the bus, the little ones from the neighborhood were there awaiting. Read to us, teach us how to read.

   My specialty is history,but my field is real learning.

   I propose that we keep the idea of the importance of the 3 Basics, but that we institute The Three C's as the core of our educational systems.

   The Three C's are:
Creativity, Compassion, and Co-operation.

   Those three "Core Curriculum" ideas apply to any phase of our life.

   I, for one, am all in favor of pink trees, blue grass, and lavender skies. There is no right way to view the world. How we view it comes from our experiential level.

   Imagine asking children to develop their imagination. When you give free reign to them anything can, and does, happen. And something else happens too. They begin to realize that they need the "tools of learning" to get to where they want to be.  That is when the Three R's come into play and they are taken to willingly.

   I have been proposing The Three C's for quite awhile now.

   Why if we taught children to help each other in class?

   What if we brought the high school kids into teach fundamental foreign language skills? to help expand science experiments, little field trips?

   What if we brought in our Seniors to share their experiences, just like some of you are doing by going and talking about your war experiences in the schools?

   What if we changed our "educational institutions" into extended families?

   What if we stopped trying to make everyone a square peg in a straight row with a straight line curriculum from K-12?

   Have you ever asked WHY we go in high school history classes from American History I to World History, and that primarily Western history, to American History II?

   What about the rest of the world?

   What about showing relationships of events in history?

   What about applying the art, literature, culture, sculpture, architecture to all this? How many poems do you remember from high school?  Poems are our voices raised in song, or sadly, lament.  But they are the spokesmen of the soul.

   If we teach like this, well, we begin to realize that we have a whole lot in common with others, no matter where they live, or even when they lived. We might just learn some compassion along the way.

   And what if you took a look at your life today and started to frame it around The Three C's?

   What if?


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