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By Remy Benoit

I cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering;
surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy.
Louise Bogan

  As children we are taught that butterflies are free.
  If we are fortunate and live with a warm bed, sufficient food and peace, we get to create worlds all around us each and every day with our vivid and uninhibited imaginations.

  And then we learn about straight lines to go in and out of school.  We learn about desks all lined up in straight rows. When my son was in kindergarten, I watched the teacher teach a little girl that it was not appropriate to give hugs.
  But even doctors will tell you that hugs are good for health.

Visit with Vietnam Veteran Battle Surgeon Larry Dossey at:Healing.

  There are no straight lines in nature.

Visit the Digital Desert at: Digital Desert.

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Visit with The Face on Mars and Other Familiar Features at:Face on Mars.

Visit with California Pictures at: California Pictures.

  How many times have you said, "Oh, to be a kid again. To not know what I know; to not have been through what I have been through?"

  Yet no matter what you have known, what you have been through, that imaginative, creative child is still inside you.

  Prayer can help you bring out his or her joy. Prayer can help you bring her or his delight, creativity, and imagination out to play again.

  Through the winter weeks ahead you can play with pictures, cut outs from magazines, garden catalogs, Christmas cards. Use poster board, use a scrapbook, a bulletin board and make a collage of pictures that make you smile. Design a friendly world and begin to bring it into your life.

  These activities will help you strip away the years and awaken the creative child within you. They can help take you to a place where you see the creation and the Creator as bountiful, welcoming, and loving.

  For a wonderful book on The Healing Power of Prayer, see Ron Roth at:
Celebrating Life.

  When you are ready, well, just relax. Don't have an opening line for a prayer?  How about, something simple like: It's been a long time...."


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