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An Open Letter to Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair Magazine

By Remy Benoit

Good morning,

I was so very pleased to see Mr. Graydon Carter's Editor's Letter concerning the war in Iraq in the June issue of Vanity Fair Magazine.

To date, the term "Forgotten War" has usually be ascribed to the Korean War but Mr. Carter is correct. The war in Iraq goes on, removed from the mainstream of the media, delegated to its place as ongoing conflict updates. Yet our military members are suffering horrendous, life altering wounds; the KIA numbers growing; the PTSD they are, and will suffer, steadily increasing.

Members of their families carry the weight of the war not only in the burden of worrying about the safety of their loved ones, but in managing, or trying to, on a day by basis, financially. Their children miss their parents; the parents carry the additional burden of concern for their young ones.

The people of Iraq are suffering the shortages, the suicide bombings, and all the other collateral issues of war on a day to day basis.

Individual states are asking for their Guard members to be brought home.

And yet, for many of us, the war is, indeed, forgotten.

Thank you, Mr. Carter, for taking task with the American public and officials in their neglect of those we have sent to fight; for their silence when their help and attention are needed. I am posting this letter at my pro bono site: Welcome Home Soldier. so more will seek it out and read your editorial.

(Ms.)Remy Benoit

Author of Letty, Island Quilts, Peace, Now, and Loving
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