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By Remy Benoit

   We too often forget as humans that we are so small a part of such a huge creation.

   You can find some holiday joy in re-connecting with nature, with the lovely creation that surrounds us.
   You make take a Christmas Light walk, just strolling through the sparkling streets enjoying all the different decorations and peoples' creativity in displaying them.

   You might wish to listen to the crackling of a fire, the soft drumming of the rain on the attic roof, or listen to the silence of a snowfall. If you are wondering how snowflakes form, you may visit:

  You may fill your home with the soft fragrance of pine and brighten it with poinsettias.  If you are wondering how that lovely red plant came to be called the Flower of the Holy Night, you may learn it and Pepita's story at:Pepita.

  You may fill your home with sweet scent from a candle, or candles.
Did you ever wonder where the custom came from of putting lighted candles in the window? Well, here you go; we are off to Ireland. Candles.

  Bringing flowers to your table always makes it more festive. Just for fun, learn something new about flowers, something exotic.
Try these:
           Egyptian Flowers.

           Flying Flowers.

           Hawaiian Flowers.

        The point is to just learn something new about nature; bring something fresh into your life. Sit back and imagine the idea of butteflies, flying flowers... let it go...butterflies with tiny jackets and soft snow boots...let your imagination play...send a note, make up just a tiny one and afix it to an Egyptian butterfly and ask her, nicely, to fly it to a friend somewhere else in the world. Take the journey with her, ask her what she feels, try to feel the wind currents under your wings.

       Taste the sea, feel the tides, wish on a star, but please, do  take a moment to reach out and touch, for again, All that is, is One.



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