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Hearts Touching, Hands Holding

By Remy Benoit

We came to a new place as a nation, as individuals, two weeks ago today.
We here at WelcomeHomeSoldier send our condolences to those who have suffered such terrible personal loss.

We share the pain of the country.

And we share the prayers of our countrymen and the rest of the world.

Tragedy, catastrophe, war, and violation force us to dig deep and ask who we are.

Through these two weeks of such deep pain we have found the answer to that question.

We are strong; and We Shall Overcome.

Our buildings can be bombed and shattered, but not our foundations.

Each prayer murmured across this planet; each fellow countryman's hand held, each healing tear, strengthens those foundations.

We have asked ourselves who we are and we have found that we stand for human dignity and personal freedom.

We have learned to appreciate the awesome meaning of breathing free. We have learned to appreciate the awesome meaning of breathing, and hugs, family, love, national and international coming together.

We have found our strength in prayer and in a Higher Power.

And now we stand, One Nation, Under God, searching for a answers.

The answers lie in joined hands and hearts, in Ecumenical prayer, and in the definition of Freedom itself.

Let us listen well for the answers.


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