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The Power of Words

By Remy Benoit

"...though it makes Him sad to see the way we live, He’ll always say, I forgive."
       “He”  Frankie Lane

I have come to a place and time in my life where it takes a lot to “ruffle my feathers,’ or “jar my cookies,” BUT there are two things that start doing both real quickly:

     - One is deliberate cruelty, be it verbal, physical, financial, spiritual.

      For me, intentional hurt is the very worst kind because it is meant to give pain; meant to build up one ego by in some way crippling another's self-image or soul. The people who do this are energy takers, not having enough of their own they must literally pull it out of others.
      This type of cruelty includes manipulating people to bend them to your desires rather than to walk together to a place that is beneficial to both of you, or all of us.

     The second thing is a phrase. It often leads to the cruelty above; it generates the hair standing on end, goose bumps kind of reaction that makes you want to say - NO, NO, NO.

     It also leads to unintentional cruelty, or perhaps “unaware negligence.”
     - The phrase is a simple one, commonly used, but with incredible undercurrents when you stop to think about it.

        - The phrase is “the pecking order.”

  We are a species of cultural evolution.
   All of our lives, more than ever before, are interconnected. We are dependent on each other.
   Even if you live in a remote cottage in a luxuriant valley, you are susceptible to acid rains, to chemicals in the air and water.

  We are truly beginning to learn what the “butterfly effect” really means. Butterfly Effect.

   We are beginning to understand what Rupert Sheldrake means by morphic resonance. Morphic Resonance.

    and who the “hundredth monkey” is. Hundredth Monkey

   The Buddha said it, oh so long ago: All that is, is One.

    We have become so interdependent. We always were but we are just beginning to realize that.
     What each and everyone of us does everyday has its impact on how we all live.
      What each of us does impacts on the well being of the planet.

   You may be a company CEO but the food on your table comes through the efforts of the farmers, of those who carry the food across the nation, or the world. It comes through the hands of the produce people, butchers, cashiers.  Perhaps your clothes are of the finest quality, but they do not spiritually put you above and beyond the clerk in the jeans and t-shirt. You are all part of the cycle of the economic flow and entitled to respect of all kinds.

      The term pecking order implies power over.

        Any kind of real growth comes from power with.

The surgeon is dependent on the anesthesiologist; the lawyer on the paralegal; the children on the mother; the baker on the leavening; the teacher on the student.

So your holiday thought for today is: How can I improve my life and those around me if I learn the concept of power with rather than power over?

Some of the outcomes of the pecking order paradigm can be found at: Nickel and Dimed Or (Not) Getting By in America.

National Clearing House on Child Abuse and Neglect Information.

Verbal Abuse.

Physical Abuse.

Abuse of Males.

Here are the words of a very gifted writer and lovely friend, Stella Savoie. She will help you on your way to healing and to power with.

Medicine Wheel.

Join Stella at Soul Open.


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